What Is 'Good' Website Design?

In the Web-2 come Web-3 era, there is no excuse for a rubbish website – in fact, customers expect it. An intelligently built, professionally designed website can help improve credibility from the off, while simultaneously giving you the basis and platform to promote your products and services.

Websites should inform as well as engage: by providing critical product information, business hours, policies, and legal information your website is acting like an in-store team of helpers combining customer service, checkout and shop assistant in one. As well as the practical elements, your website should also tell a brand story, allowing customers to connect with your business, buy into your vision & get a sense of your purpose. With so much competition, it’s essentuial you stand out!

Did You Know?

Small businesses still dont have a website
1st Impression judgements are design related
Users will not return to a website with poor UX
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Why Use An Agency?

According to EConsultancy, 78% of businesses are unhappy with their conversion rates with as many as 70% of visitors taking no action at all on their first visit. That sucks. 

There is a saying: “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice” – and we have seen that played out many times with DIY website builders and low quality freelancers who can create a website that looks OK, but doesn’t perform.

The perfect website needs to be designed for your target audience and optimised for a seamless customer journey. This takes time, experience and attention to detail. It helps to understand customer buying psychology and know the patterns of online customer behaviour. Continually updating, managing and optimising a website to ensure it remains current, accurate and visible is a full time job.

We take the pain out of the process. We can design and build a website that elevates your brand, improves your online visibility and increases lead generation and sales conversion whilst tracking traffic to your site and the customer’s journey once they arrive.


What's the Process?

When it comes to web design, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that can be taken. Each and every business case must be taken on a case-by-case basis addressing the specific needs of the company, and therefore producing a website that both aesthetically does a good job attracting new customers, but functionally works for the business.

Not all content management systems (CMS) are suitable for every business. Some CMS’ are amazing for eCommerce, but poor for general customization and bespoke applications. Others are fantastic for local companies (with physical premises) while others are better for global businesses. Our approach will always bare in mind your short & long-term goals before recommending a platform since migrations are not cheap! 

As a general rule the process is as follows:

  • Scope Of Work & Market Research 
  • Design References
  • Website Mockups (In Figma)
  • Building 
  • Testing 
  • Deployment
We’re ready to make your website sing. (Literally, if you want it to).

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